About Blue File

Large loans, leases, mortgages and some claims require the customer sending 15-30 documents to the financial institution. The same thing always happens, some documents are wrong, missing, incomplete, outdated, caught in spam filters or just too big. This creates a back and forth of communications to get everything right, very slow, unscalable and a horrible customer experience as well as a follow up nightmare for the loan/claims officer.

Expediente Azul automates the document gathering process for large loans, leases, mortgages or claims that require the customer sending 15-30 documents to the financial or insurance institution by reducing the friction caused by missing, incorrect or outdated documents sent by the customer speeding up the KYC process 3x*, reducing abandonment 2x* and increasing the overall user experience* during this process

Expediente Azul is the only FinTech web and mobile tool designed for financial and insurance institutions to easily capture (including through the customer’s phone’s camera), receive, validate automatically (with OCR AI) and store the many documents sent by a particular customer that requests a loan, lease, mortgage or files a claim and manages the complex communications interaction with the customer.

Blue File is more commonly known as Expediente Azul, as it originated in Mexico and Brazil.

Expediente Azul speeds up the time it takes for a business or individual to send all the correct documentation by 3x*, thus speeding up the loan approval. It results in a faster time to money for not only the customer but also for the financial institution. Financial institutions are able to collect the origination revenue faster which in developed markets is usually more profitable than the actual money from interest.

Expediente Azul reduces customer abandonment 2x* (customers that began the origination process but didn’t complete it so these are customers that the financial institution had already paid to acquire but never submitted all the correct documentation) and increase the amount of loan case files a loan officer can follow-up on 6x* without losing control of the status of each document of each individual case file.

*Results may vary on each individual customer and market niche, you can request information on our case studies